YouTube Experimenting New Feature To Detect Products Automatically In Videos

YouTube Experimenting New Feature To Detect Products Automatically In Videos

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube is experimenting with a new feature related to product detection in videos. It said that the feature will automatically detect products used in videos. It will also show related products to users. According to the Google-owned platform, the feature is currently visible to people in the US market. People will get to see the products in the recommended videos. The recommended videos are displayed below the main player. The company in a statement said that the objective behind testing the feature is to help users explore more videos about the products. It will also display products’ features along with related content.

The product teams are regularly testing new tools to make it easier for people to watch, share and create content. YouTube hopes that the feature will be handy for users who search for videos on a particular product. It will save time to search for products on e-commerce platforms. The company said that the automatic product detection feature will also help clean up the shady algorithm if any. It will be a significant step towards making the system perfect. The feature was first spotted last year. YouTube said that the feature will be made available in more regions in the country for testing. It didn’t share details about the feature’s rollout. It is also unclear whether YouTube is testing the feature on the desktop.

YouTube has also announced a new feature that will warn creators before posting videos. It is aimed at making it easier for creators to upload videos and earn money. The new feature will check videos automatically and flag the potential copyright issues to creators before they are published on the platform. Creators cannot upload videos without worrying about copyright issues in their content. The checks will finish within three minutes. It will also tell creators about the video’s visibility and monetization potential. But it doesn’t mean that videos cannot face restrictions after being published. In case of a copyright claim, YouTube will tell creators what they can do to address it.

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