no more android desserts - android q is named as android 10

No More Android Desserts – Android Q is named as Android 10


Google always used the name of desserts starting from the respective alphabets for the Android operating system. Everyone was speculating the name of Android Q version of the operating system, as Google released the beta version of the same. But Google has shocked everyone by not naming Android Q on the name of any dessert, but by the number. As per the announcement was done by Google, the upcoming 17th iteration of Android is named as Android 10. Google got to know that many people did not associate the names of Android versions with Sweets and thus the company took the approach of naming it by the number.

From this year, the Android 10 will launch in fall season once the beta program concludes. After that, Android 11 will be released and so on. On this rebranding for global users, Aude Gandon, global brand director for Android said that the new logo will be the wordmark for Android. From now on, the Android will always come with the Android robot, that is the trademark of Google for Android Operating system. Aude Gandon said that the Android logo is the image of the operating system that people identify and the same will be a more integral part of the operating system.

Being the landmark release of the 10th major iteration, Android 10 name suits well for the release. Also, the same will mark the end of Dessert based naming system of the operating system, which was honestly quite difficult to understand. Aude Gandon said that naming the operating system with desserts was not inclusive at all. With one dessert, other desserts from different parts of the world would be neglected. The new font and the logo is made especially for everyone, inclusive of people from all over the regions. Also, the new logo is easy to read on the devices of all dimensions. In short, Google got tired of finding the appropriate name for Android Q and opted for numbering system instead.