Walmart To Give Wage Hike To 165,000 Walmart Supercenter Employees

Walmart has announced that it will give a wage hike to about 165,000 supercenter employees. The nation’s largest private employer is doing this as the company revamps its leadership roles in its stores. However, the pay increases will come with the responsibility of how their stores look and operate. The increase in wages will benefit around 11 per cent of the employees of the company and the United States. This will affect employees of two key departments, deli, and bakery. The starting wages for these employees will increase to USD 15 an hour. The employees of these two departments have been getting USD 11 an hour till now and the retail workers have been targeting this for many years. Apart from this, Walmart will also raise pay by USD 1 an hour for many workers in the auto car centers of the company.

But the wage hike is not being extended to all of the huge work force of the retail giant. However, the move is definitely going to benefit lower-wage workers as the company has set a benchmark. With this hike, Walmart also announced some major role changes. The company said that it will replace department managers and assistant managers with new management roles and extended responsibilities. Walmart said that the pay range for the new ‘team leader’ role will be between USD 18 to USD 21 an hour. However, this can go up to USD 30 per hour.

The company will also give a pay hike to salaried digital, auto care center assistant manager, and asset protection jobs. The increase in wage will start from October and the annual increase will be typically given in February or April. Meanwhile, Walmart has started a pilot program for delivering groceries and household items with drones. The retail giant has joined hands with Israeli-based firm Flytrex for this purpose. Walmart said that it will take some time to start full-fledged delivery of its products using drones but this will definitely become reality.

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