User Breach Clubhouse Chats, Stream Audio Feeds From 'Multiple Rooms'

User Breach Clubhouse Chats, Stream Audio Feeds From ‘Multiple Rooms’

The clubhouse is gaining popularity like never before and this is why the app recently announced that it is doing everything to ensure data remain safe. But soon after this announcement was made, an attacker managed to breach into chats of the app. The unidentified user managed to stream the audio feeds of other users this weekend. The attacker accessed chats of ‘multiple rooms’ and streamed feeds on their own third-party website. Clubhouse spokeswoman Reema Bahnasy said that the company has banned the user permanently and has installed some ‘safeguards’ to ensure that no one is able to repeat it in the future. But the app refused to explain in detail the steps it has taken. However, researchers contend that the app is apparently not in a position to give such assurance.

The former security chief of Facebook, Alex Stamos said that Clubhouse users should assume that all their conversations are being recorded. Stamos is also the director of the Stanford Internet Observatory. SIO among the first few who publicly raised security concerns over the app’s security. It is the team of Stamos who confirmed that the invite-only audio conversation app is relying on a Shanghai-based start-up for much of its back-end operations. The report suggests that Clubhouse relies on the start-up for audio production and data traffic. This raises some serious privacy concerns for Chinese users who are under impression that their conversations are secure and completely out of the reach of state surveillance.

Agora, however, said it does not share or store any personal information of users. The startup did not say anything about the privacy protocols of Clubhouse. “We are committed to making our products, of which Clubhouse is one, as secure as we can,” Agora said. While Agora has soared more than 150, Clubhouse raised USD 100 million at a valuation of USD 1 billion. Earlier in February, users of Clubhouse in mainland China claimed that they were unable to access the app by using virtual private networks.

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