Twitter Tests New Method To Improve Preview Of Photos In Tweets

Twitter Tests New Method To Improve Preview Of Photos In Tweets

Twitter is testing a method to improve the previews of images in a tweet. The company said that the test is running with limited users on Android and iOS platforms. The aim is to give users an accurate preview of images while tweeting a photo. As per the current algorithm, Twitter crops images automatically. It makes photos appear in the timeline in a more condensed way. Twitter said that the test will show Tweets with a single image in standard aspect ratio. The photos will display uncropped to the users. It simply means that users will get to see an image exactly how it appeared before being shares from anyone’s account. Photos that are very wide or tall will be center-cropped.

Twitter’s decision to test a method for better image previews is significant. Users have been demanding from the company to improve image previews. The auto image cropping algorithm has been a problem for users. Photographers and artists face challenges as the current methodology cropped images automatically to show them in a condensed way. This hid the key content of images. The algorithm decides on its own which portion of an image will get the focus in a tweet. Twitter Chief Design Officer Dantley Davis said that the new approach will give more space to users to display their photographs. The changes will enhance the user experience and give them exposure.

According to Twitter, its image preview algorithm once gave priority to white faces over black ones. This caused an embarrassment to the microblogging platform. The algorithm had once cropped out Barack Obama who is an African-American. He served as the 44th President of the United States for two consecutive terms. Meanwhile, Twitter is also testing a new Twitter card format. The new method will display tweets that link out to e-commerce product pages. Twitter said that it is doing experiments with tweets with a big Shop button. It has also added product into the tweet itself. The new format is a part of Twitter’s larger push to become a creator platform.

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