Twitter Testing Voice Message Feature Via Direct Messages

Twitter users will soon be able to record and send voice messages. The company said that it is testing the new voice message feature. The feature will allow users to send voice messages via Direct Messages. Twitter said that it is committed to improving its communication systems. The new option will let users express themselves more dynamically. It will be available for both — publicly and privately. According to a top Twitter executive, the new feature is being first tested in Brazil. The company promised that it will enable the feature soon. The layout of the new tool is said to be similar to the feature of voice tweets.

The voice messages via Direct Messages will have buttons like play and pause buttons. A profile photo will be attached to the audio message. Twitter said that it will also add a report message option. This will help the company to check the misuse of the feature. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have already an audio recording feature. Users can send a voice message via Direct Messages on these platforms. Twitter was launched in 2006. The platform has since then introduced many features to make it engaging according to the users’ personalities. Twitter said that it wants to make the platform more comfortable and easier to allow people to express their feelings.

Earlier in June, Twitter tested a feature to record audio snippets on the iOS platform. The company allowed uses to attach snippets with tweets. It was, however, limited to US users. The company said users will soon be allowed to share a 140 seconds long audio tweet. It can be coupled with 280 characters as text. Twitter had earlier restricted the length of a text tweet to 140 characters. It was revised to 280 characters later. The audio can only be added with original tweets. Users can’t add audio while posting replies or retweets. According to Twitter, the feature aims to enhance the experience for listeners, storytellers, and those with disabilities.

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