Twitter Starts Testing Audio Chat Tool Spaces On Android

Twitter Starts Testing Audio Chat Tool Spaces On Android

Microblogging platform Twitter has introduced live audio chat rooms. It is known as Twitter Spaces. Its early beta program is available to Android users. The company previously tested the beta program on iOS. Twitter said that expanding the test to Android will give users a chance to experience the feature and iron out the issues. Twitter Spaces lets users speak and listen live. It means that users can host audio conversations on Twitter. Twitter didn’t reveal the launch date of the new feature. But the company said that it will soon start shipping Twitter Spaces to users worldwide. Notably, the company was making efforts to launch the beta version quickly on Android after iOS testing.

Twitter recently invited iOS users to share their feedback and ask questions about the new product. It was during this live chat with users, Twitter announced that Twitter Spaces will be available on Android for testing in March. Users can create a Space using the feature. Their followers can join the Space to participate in a live conversation. The company said that anyone can listen to the conversation. However, the host of the conversation will have control over who can speak. Twitter said that it will add support to allow everyone to create and host Spaces. Twitter first talked about the feature in November last year.

Live audio chat rooms are a new fashion on social media platforms. Twitter’s effort in introducing the feature within months of the announcement is an indication that that company wants a command on the social audio market. Twitter’s new feature comes in the backdrop of Clubhouse’s growing popularity. It is a space that allows casual, drop-in audio conversations among social media users. Tech companies and social media platforms understand that the human voice can carry nuance and emotion that are missing in the text. Twitter expects that the Twitter Spaces will open the door for users to express themselves more dynamically and improve the communication channels.

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