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Titan’s Biggest Water Body Kraken Mare More Than 1,000 Feet Deep

Titan is a fascinating moon. It is full of mysteries. It is one of the 82 moons of planet Saturn. It is also the largest moon of the planet. It is home to several water bodies. According to new findings, the biggest water body on Titan at its center is more than 1,000 feet deep. It is so deep that measuring its exact depth is not possible. The extraterrestrial lake is called Kraken Mare. It is located in the center of Titan. The findings were obtained during a study of data collected during NASA’s Cassini mission. Nearly seven years ago, scientists believe that the lake’s depth is 115 feet.

The study noted that the depth and composition of Titan’s other seas have already been measured. But the Kraken Mare was the only lake that was not measured yet. It is home to nearly 80 percent of Titan’s surface liquids. Researchers believe that it is home to mysteries. A detailed study of the moon could help humans decode the secrets of the universe. Researchers want to send a mission to Titan. It will be a robotic submarine that will explore the lake. However, the mission is not approved yet and subject to funding by NASA. Reports say that researchers are targeting to send a mission by the end of the decade.

Researchers said that they were surprised by the composition of Kraken Mare. Past studies suggested that the lake is filled with ethane. But the latest study concluded that it is a mix of ethane and methane. Titan is also the second-largest moon after Ganymede in the solar system. It orbits Jupiter. Notably, Titan is the only moon that is wrapped in a thick atmosphere in the solar system. It has an Earth-like cycle of liquids. The liquids flow across its surface. This is one of the main reasons why scientists have time and again expressed interest in Titan. Meanwhile, NASA recently claimed to detect the presence of an unexpected molecule in Titan’s atmosphere. The molecule in the question is cyclopropenylidene. Its chemical formula is C3H2.

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