Telegram Launches Auto-Delete Messages

Telegram Launches Auto-Delete Messages Option For Individual Chats, Channels And Groups

Popular instant messaging service Telegram has launched an auto-delete messages feature. The new feature will delete older messages automatically after a specific time. Users will have the option to set a timer for deletion before sending messages. They can set the timer of 24 hours to a week. Telegram said that messages will be deleted automatically after the set time lapses. The feature is not new to the platform. The company offered this feature only for Secret Chats earlier. It has now introduced the feature to individual chats. Besides, it is also available for groups and channels. Only admins will be able to enable the new feature in groups and channels.

Telegram said that messages will show a countdown to the time of their deletion. Users can easily track the time. They have to just tap on the messages on Android. On iOS, users will have to press and hold for a while. The auto-delete feature will only apply to messages that users sent after setting the timer. Telegram said that past chats will not be affected by the introduction of the new feature. It said that earlier messages will be accessible to users in the chat history. Telegram is rapidly gaining users. The privacy controversy involving WhatsApp has forced users to shift to Telegram. It is seen as a potential rival to WhatsApp which is the most popular messaging app in the world.

Telegram sees ample growth opportunities because of WhatsApp’s privacy row. It is therefore introducing new features to attract users. Telegram claims that its policies are focused on privacy. The company said that it does not sell or share user data with anyone. Telegram promised that it will introduce more features to enhance users’ experience and offer higher privacy. It recently launched a method to make it easier for users to report fake accounts and spam content on the platform. The telegram was also the most downloaded app in January 2021 worldwide in the non-gaming category on Play Store. It held the ninth position in December 2020. On the App Store, it entered the top 10 list of most downloaded apps in the non-gaming category in January.

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