Develop Enough Antibodies To Guard Against Reinfection

Study Finds Not All Coronavirus Patients Develop Enough Antibodies To Guard Against Reinfection

Antibodies that keep an individual safe against coronavirus are detectable in the starting weeks after recovery from infection. The presence of antibodies is essential for the prevention of being getting infected by the virus. It has been observed that those who survive infection continue to produce antibodies. But the latest study led by SpaceX said that not all Covid-19 patients have enough antibodies present. The findings have raised eyebrows over how long antibodies last in the system. Researchers earlier said that reinfection is uncommon. Notably, the latest study was co-authored by Elon Musk. He had joined a team of researchers that tracked the coronavirus infection. It involved workers from Musk’s SpaceX. The findings said that only certain antibodies are present in people that protect against the deadly virus.

The study started last year after the aerospace company planned a crewed mission into the sky. The team monitored the prevalence of the virus in 4,000 volunteers. Researchers from medical backgrounds and academicians developed a program for antibody-testing. The testing involved monthly blood tests. The findings said that volunteers who experienced fewer and mild symptoms of developed fewer antibodies. They were less likely to generate antibodies that act against the virus for the long term. The study said that the immune decision to develop a robust or weak response in the body occurs when the virus sustains. The low-level challenge produced weak antibodies. It added that some cases of reinfection were observed in volunteers who developed low numbers of antibodies.

The study underlined that some people can develop antibodies, but having antibodies doesn’t mean that they cannot catch the infection again. On vaccines, the searchers said that the shots help drive strong immune responses. This generates a high level of antibodies. It suggested undertaking multiple rounds of immunization. This will give a push to the immune system to guard against the virus. Meanwhile, another study said mothers can transfer antibodies to babies while in the womb. This means that vaccinating an expecting mother will also benefit the newborn.

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