Standard Pen And Paper Exercise Can Reduce The Nausea Triggered By Motion Sickness By 50 Percent

A group of scientists has claimed that a simple pen and paper exercise can decrease nausea triggered by motion sickness in vehicles by 50 percent. The UK scientists are trying different ways and means to reduce the feelings of nausea among people while traveling. They have said that cognitive training tasks like identifying how patterns would show on a transparent folded paper assist the brain to minimize the feeling of nausea caused by motion sickness. Motion sickness forms a sense of dizziness, which can happen while traveling, at the seaside, and while using a virtual reality headset. It can also occur among passengers who read, watch films, play video games while traveling in a car. Experts have enrolled 42 participants in the study. Participants have been given simulator trials and on-road trials during the research. Experts have measured the baseline motion sickness for each participant during the initial ride through pre-validated questionnaires. Scientists have used a fast motion sickness scale to track real-time symptoms of the participants.

Experts have said that such training tasks before the start of the journey might prove to be effective at reducing the motion sickness among passengers traveling in a car or a driving simulator. The author of the study Dr. Joseph Smyth has said that reducing people’s vulnerability to motion sickness through a simple brain-training task is a huge success in the development of future transport system. Motion sickness has been a concern for many people for choosing their transport options. However, this study has shown a new method to address this issue. The author has said that experts can enhance this technique into a short and more efficient method in the future.

Motion sickness happens due to frequent movement while traveling. These reoccurring movements are out of balance with the body when passengers are sitting still. This is called juxtaposition, which sends conflicting signals from our sensory organs to the brain, which makes people feel ill. The report says that one of three people are susceptible to motion sickness, however, it can be felt by everyone except those who have a complete loss of function. Morgan Stanley, an American multinational financial service firm has reported that reduction in motion sickness can result in a productive boost worth $508 billion a year.

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