Snapchat Spotlight Has Now 1 Million Monthly Active Users

American messaging platform Snapchat has achieved a new milestone. The popular social media app launched Spotlight in November 2020. The in-app Spotlight was launched to take on Chinese short video making app TikTok. It has features similar to TikTok. People can make TikTok-like videos on the Spotlight. According to Snapchat, Spotlight has crossed the 100 million users mark. It claimed that at least 100 million people are active on the platform monthly. It achieved this feat in January. The platform said that it sees over 175,000 video submissions daily. To entice users to shares snaps regularly, the company runs an incentive program.

The company gives USD 1 million daily to users. This means if a user has a particularly viral video, he/she might earn a portion of the pot. According to Snapchat, subscribers of users are not the parameter to earn money. But the amount is payable based on unique views. The company compares the unique views of the video to other snaps on a particular day to select the winner. The company said that users can earn from a single video multiple times if the video fulfills the set conditions. It said that the product team is working continuously to improve the Spotlight by adding new features.

Snapchat said that the primary objective behind the launch of Spotlight was to create critical mass. It promised to maintain the quality to boost the overall experience. It said that attracting new viewers by offering a new kind of experience is not an easy task. But the developers are working on new and interesting features to draw the attention of both creators and viewers. Spotlight is currently available in the US, Canada, and several European countries. The company said that it will be launched in more countries later this year. One can upload videos for up to 60 seconds. The minimum age to join the platform is 16. The snaps appear only if they adhere to the community guidelines. The rules seek to prohibit the circulation of false and misleading content.

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