Russia And China Sign Pact To Build Lunar Space Station

Russia And China Sign Pact To Build Lunar Space Station

Russia and China want to set up a space station on Moon. The two countries have signed a pact to build a space station on Earth’s lone natural satellite. It will be named International Scientific Lunar Station. Setting up a space station on Moon is a significant decision. Several world agencies have been racing to conquer Moon. The US space agency NASA has already set a target to land humans on Moon by 2024. It also wants to set up a base on the lunar surface. The agency will use the base for future human exploration Moon, Mars, and space. Roscosmos and China National Space Administration, the space agencies’ of Russia and China, respectively, have confirmed signing an MoU.

The two Asian giants said that they will promote the exploration. The space agency said that they will use outer space for peaceful purposes and the facility will be in the interest of all mankind. Setting up a lunar space station is a complex task. Roscosmos said that the research facilities will be created on the lunar surface and/or in the orbit. It will be used to carry out multidisciplinary and multipurpose research work. It will assist during future human exploration programs. Roscosmos said that the facilities will be a key to planning long-term unmanned missions. It will also help in preparing the agencies to plan for the presence of humans on the Moon.

The pact between Russia and China comes at a time when NASA is pushing for its Artemis program. NASA has already signed multiple contracts with several private firms and seeking international cooperation to develop the program further. It has signed a pact with the European Space Agency for the Artemis Gateway. The gateway will be an outpost orbiting the Moon. The gateway will assist on many fronts including for the proposed human exploration mission of Moon and space. Russia has, however, stayed away from taking part in the Gateway program. Moon is the only celestial object where humans have set foot.

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