COVID19 Frontline Health Professionals

Report Says COVID19 Might Not Be Detected In Frontline Health Professionals

A scientific study on COVID19 has found out that a high proportion of COVID19 infection might not be traced among US healthcare personnel. The study has observed around 3000 frontline health workers across 12 states. It has been found that between April and June; only 1 out of 20 health workers had the evidence of antibodies from a previous COVID19 infection. Around 69 percent of health workers have never been diagnosed with the infection. One-third of people who have shown antibodies against COVID19 have never shown any symptoms of the disease in the past months. Half of them have never been infected with the coronavirus. There has been no COVID19 positive test among two-thirds of them.

Authors of the study say that some of the infections are least symptomatic or completely asymptomatic, that is the reason, COVID19 infections might be going untraced among frontline healthcare personnel. Healthcare workers with symptoms might not always have access to testing; it might be a contributing factor behind undiagnosed infections among frontline workers. This might come out as a huge concern for medical authorities, as the entire healthcare unit will be collapsing soon with such kind of situation. Authorities need to take quick action to prevent the unforeseen crisis across the states.

Experts have observed that antibodies to fight COVID19 have been less common among healthcare workers who have claimed to be wearing masks during the maximum patients’ encounters. Evidence of antibodies has been more common among those who have reported that they have been dealing with a shortage of self-protective equipment. The authors of the research have advised frequent testing for healthcare professionals. They have also said that the use of masks should be made a mandatory rule in the hospital premises. This study has been published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The United States has been one of the most affected countries hit by the novel coronavirus amid this pandemic around the world.

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