Coronavirus Steroids

New Research Reveals Common Steroids Can Reduce Death Rate in Severe COVID19 Patients

New research has found that some of the common steroids can help decrease the mortality rate among critically sick COVID19 patients. Scientists have observed many random trials that have involved more than 1700 severely sick patients. They have seen that patients, who have been given these affordable steroids, have higher prospects of survival. Researchers have found no sign of increased side effects among those patients who have been treated with steroids. This research has been published in the medical journal of JAMA. Around 678 patients, who have been treated with steroids, only 32.7 percent of them have died. At the same time, among 1025 patients who have been given usual care or Placebo, 41.5 percent of them have lost their lives.

The author of the study has said in these trials critically sick patients are being treated with corticosteroids, which has lowered the death rate of 40 percent to 32 percent among the patients. The death rate is about 40 percent high among the patients who are being treated without corticosteroids. These findings suggest that these common steroids should be used in standard care for treating severely sick COVID19 patients. With this new study, experts have been able to identify an inexpensive, safe, and effective treatment for people with severe COVID19 infection. This analysis affirms the findings of the UK based Recovery trials as well. These recovery trials say that the low dose regime of dexamethasone for 10 days can reduce the death risk by one third among severely ill patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged the findings of the new analysis. The agency has suggested the use of corticosteroids in the treatment of critical COVID19 patients. However, WHO has strictly said that this steroid should not be used on non-severe COVID19 patients. Experts have said that there is a need for further research on universal usage of corticosteroids among COVID19 patients. Scientists still need to probe the long-term effect of corticosteroids on mortality and the combination of corticosteroids with other therapies. WHO has said that steroids mentioned in the list of essential medicines to treat severe COVID19 infection are widely available at a very low cost.

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