NASA Selects Proposals To Develop Sustainable Power Systems On Moon

NASA Selects Proposals To Develop Sustainable Power Systems On Moon

NASA is looking towards the US universities to develop lunar power technology. The agency wants universities to develop technologies to utilize onsite resources. It is also looking to find sustainable power solutions on Moon. It has selected six proposals under its LuSTR solicitation. It invited universities to submit their ideas related to various topics. This included a system for sustainable power. The cold lunar nights last for 14 days. It means that a few areas are covered in dark for 14 days and the temperature falls to subzero levels. NASA is looking for a sustainable surface power system. The system will support its experiments during the night days. During the 14 lunar days, one side of the Moon is exposed to Sun.

NASA is planning to send the first woman and the next man on Moon. If all goes well, humans will land on the lunar surface in 2024. It is working with multiple firms and agencies to land humans on Moon. It is also seeking sustainable power solutions. The agency in a statement said that the systems will help scientists in planning the future exploration of planets, space bodies, and dark space. NASA said that it has selected three proposals from universities through LuSTR. The universities are the University of Texas, Washington University, and Michigan Technological University. The proposals are to research ways to identify potential resources on Moon. Once resources like water bodies are identified, they will create a design with the ability to use them.

The University of Texas will develop an advanced thermal mining system. It will trap, transport, and release water vapor found in the lunar atmosphere. The Washington University will build a system to distribute water on the South Pole. The South Pole can trap water. The Michigan Technological University will work on a mechanism that will characterize the strength of Moon’s soil or regolith. NASA said that it is important to understand the regolith strength. It is key to finding methods of excavating water. Understanding the regolith strength is also important in building structures. NASA said that local materials can be used to build a structure. NASA has also selected three proposals from other universities. They will work on developing the next-generation energy storage. They will also work on power distribution technologies.

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