Minecraft Finally Coming To PlayStation VR As Mojang Studios Promises Free Upgrade This Month

The popular video game Minecraft will soon be available in PlayStation VR. According to its developer Mojang Studios, it will soon release an upgrade of the game. The upgrade will be free. It will make the video game playable in PlayStation VR. The company is likely to release the upgrade in September itself. This will fulfill a long pending demand of fans for PSVR Minecraft. Mojang Studios in a statement said that the upgrade will come as a free download. It will arrive via a patch. It said that people having Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will receive an upgrade on their own. Users will, however, require a PS VR set up.

Mojang Studios said that the PSVR version of the sandbox video game has been in production since the 2020 beginning. It was slated for a release in early 2020, but it was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Minecraft is already available on many virtual reality platforms. It is still unclear whether the game will be available on PS5. Studios said that the PSVR version will be completely the same Minecraft video game that people play. But it will have some tweaks. These tweaks will be related to the set up for VR and interface. The company said that users will be able to use the PS4 controller.

Mojang Studios said that the game will feature two separate modes. The modes are Immersive and Living Room. The company didn’t provide further details about the modes. With a strong base of players, Minecraft today is counted among the most popular video games. It is more than a decade old game and won several awards as well. Cited as one of the most influential video games, it found a place in the World Video Game Hall of Fame earlier this year. In 2014, Microsoft had acquired Mojang Studios worth USD 2.5 billion. The company said that the game’s sales saw a spike during the coronavirus pandemic.

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