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Longtime Chief Executive Of United Worldwide Way Brian Gallagher Resigns Amid Turmoil

Brian Gallagher, the chief executive officer of United Way Worldwide, has stepped down from his post following allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation at the non-profit. Gallagher has been facing a lot of criticism ever since some media organisations reported about it in November. Commenting on his decision, Gallagher said that he had long planned on resigning from the post but the allegations of misconduct sped up the move. “We have been working actively for a smooth transition sometime later in 2021. A search for my successor has been going on. But I and the board think that it would best for the company if I resign from the post sooner,” he said in a statement announcing his decision.

Gallagher has been in this position for almost two decades. He had started his career at the company in 1981. He said that March 1 will be his last day in the office as the CEO of United Way Worldwide. The statement was sent to all the local United Way organizations in the country. Such independent nonprofits had been long demanding a leadership change. In a letter sent to the Worldwide, leader of 33 local United Ways said that many had shared loss of confidence in Brian Gallagher. Local United Ways were upset over the way an inquiry was launched by the United Way Worldwide in response to allegations made by three former employees.

These women had filed separate federal complaints alleging that they were either forced out or fired for speaking about sexual misconduct. Following this, several other women came forward to complain about similar misconduct at Worldwide. Dues were withheld by hundreds of locals as they were waiting for the investigation to get over. Locals were disheartened when the investigation was released on February 2. It must be noted that Gallagher is not the only top boss of the United Way to face allegations. In 1992, then CEP William Aramony faced a far more explosive scandal and was forced to resign.

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