Kroger Employees To Get USD 100 As Bonus For Getting Vaccinated Against COVID-19

In order to promote people for getting vaccinated for COVID-19, Kroger has announced that it will reward such employees with a USD 100 bonus. The one-time bonus will be given all those who produce proof of vaccination to human resources department. The bonus will be given only if employees receive the full dose recommended by the manufacturer. In the case of employees who cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to religious or medical reasons, they can become eligible for the bonus by simply completing a safety and education course. All company associates are eligible for this offer. Around 500,000 people are working for the supermarket giant in 35 states.

Kroger Chief People Officer Tim Massa said that the company is trying to encourage employees for getting vaccinated. “We have moved into a new phase of pandemic and therefore increasing the investment is required. The investment is a way to recognize contributions of our associates,” Massa said. There are several companies that are doing the same thing. Popular grocery chain Aldi announced two hours of pay per dose as bonus for getting vaccinated. Dollar General went a step ahead and announced four hours of paid time in bonus for the same. “We do not want our employees to be in a situation where they need to have to choose between coming to the office and getting vaccinated,” the company had said.

Over 58 million vaccine shots have been delivered throughout the country. But the CDC reported that only approximately 37 million of them have been administered. The report mentioned that only 7.5 million people have so far completed the full dose. Grocery workers have been categorized as frontline essential workers the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Others in the list are police officers, firefighters, and public transportation workers. Meanwhile, Kroger has announced that it would close two stores in Long Beach Calif. The decision was announced after it was mandated that USD 4 raise for grocery workers.

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