Vertical Feed Support For Stories Feature

Instagram Working To Add Vertical Feed Support For Stories Feature

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram is working on a new tool linked to its Stories feature. The company said that it will soon bring a new vertical feed for Stories. It is said to be quite similar to the way TikTok had used it first. Notably, Instagram’s short video feature Reels has already the feature. The vertical feed will let the users navigate with vertical swipes. Users currently navigate with horizontal swipes. The new feature will make the Stories feature more interesting and offer a new experience. The company believes that vertical swipes feel more natural than swiping horizontally.

The vertical Stories feature is not live yet. It is still under the development phase. But some users have already claimed to spot vertical Stories on the Instagram app. However, the company is yet to make any formal announcement regarding its launch. Reports say that an early prototype is available for testing and that Instagram will take some more time to roll out the feature for the public. In another related development, Instagram is testing a feature to prevent users from sharing feed posts within their Stories. It has already issued a notification regarding the change in selected countries. Microblogging platform Twitter is also testing a similar feature.

Recently, Instagram refreshed its Stories feature layout for desktop users. The layout now shows a carousel of videos. Users can now see the preview of what is cued up next. The change is minor, but it will make a huge difference in the way people use the Stories feature. Meanwhile, Reels has started rolling out new updates to create long-duration videos and more. The new feature allows users to make 30 seconds videos. Earlier, the length of a video was restricted to 15 seconds. The timer from 3 seconds has been increased to 10 seconds. To make editing more smooth, the company is adding trim and delete clips options. Instagram launched Reels last year to compete with the Chinese app TikTok. Reels are available in over 50 countries.

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