Hundreds of Vaping Leaders Hold Rally In Support Of Constant Access To Vaping And Smoke-Free Alternatives

Vaping leaders across the country have gathered to extend support in favor of small vapor businesses and continued access to vaping and other smoke-free alternatives. They have threatened President Donald Trump that their vote can change the fate in upcoming elections. Protesters have demanded that the president should push the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reform the Pre-market Tobacco Application (PMTA). They have also asked for extending the cut off before the looming closing date September 9. The threatening deadline announced by the FDA has put the future of 14000 small businesses in jeopardy. The FDA has asked small vapor industries to file costly and heavy PMTAs to keep their products for sale.

The protest has been planned by the United Vapers Alliance peacefully. Protesters have said that their votes have the potential to disrupt the upcoming election, which is around the corner and where millions of votes are up for grabs. Vaping leaders have told that they will continue to push the elected officials to eliminate policies, which might threaten access to life-saving vapor products. Dimitris Agrafiotis, the executive director of the Tennessee Smoke-Free Association (TSFA) has said that if the president refuses to deliver on reform at the FDA, he will be pushing many ex-smokers to return to deadly cigarettes. People fear that the new policy on the vaping industry will destroy 99 percent of vaping firms. It will as well leave nearly 160000 Americans out of the job in the middle of the pandemic.

A study shows that vaping products are not as harmful as flammable cigarettes. Vaping products expose users to very tiny fraction chemicals, as per the study. People have supported vaping saying that millions of Americans have been able to quit smoking because of vaping products. Protesters have said that vapor products are not like massive tobacco industries, so it should not be subjected to the same policies. Vaping leaders have shared their stories that how vaping products have helped them in switching into a tobacco-free lifestyle. They have asked the authority to provide a cost-effective pathway for vaping products. They have said that the FDA pathway is not viable for small firms. Well, it might turn out to be a difficult situation for small vaping firm owners. The authorities are yet to respond to their demands.

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