Google To Introduce Dark Mode Theme To Google Maps’ Menus, Settings Pages

Search engine giant Google is mulling to introduce the dark mode feature to Google Maps. Google said that soon it will add the dark mode theme to the Google Maps app. The dark mode option will be available for menus and settings pages. Back in 2018, Google had launched the dark mode feature on Google Maps for navigation. Then the app had no option to convert menus and settings pages to dark mode. But the company is finally working to make it a reality. The launch of the dark mode theme will be worldwide, meaning it will be available to customers globally simultaneously. The dark mode will be available in the Appearance section.

To access the Appearance section, users will have to go to the app settings. They will get to see three options there. The three options are default, light, and dark. The default will change the display to the device’s theme automatically. When clicked on the dark button, it will change the menus and settings pages to a dark gray color. The color of the text will be converted into white automatically. The text will be converted into white to maintain visibility and allow users to get a hassle-free view. When touched on the light button, it will change the display to a light mode and text will appear in black.

Users report that they have managed to manually enable the feature in the 10.5.0 version of Google Maps. However, the feature is not available to users. The dark theme has been popular among the users for quite some time. It is perhaps more compatible and friendly. As the name suggests, the dark mode converts the display into a dark color. The dark theme makes it easier for users to read texts and also saves battery, thus enhancing battery life. Google is in the process of updating its apps with a dark mode theme for years now. It recently introduced the theme to Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Translate, and Google Slides.

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