Google Comes To Rescue Of Robinhood App

Google Comes To Rescue Of Robinhood App, Removes Nearly 100,000 Negative Reviews

Google is helping Robinhood by removing thousands of negative reviews for the stock trading app after it unexpectedly blocked investors from purchasing some shares of some companies whose prices exploded this week. Share prices of GameStop increased 135 percent and literally shook up Wall Street. The move by Robinhood infuriated amateur traders who urged each other to leave negative reviews about the app in the Play Store. This turned into a campaign within no time with the Play store getting flooded with critical reviews. This resulted in the fall of Robinhood’s rating that plummeted to just one star from roughly four stars. At that time there were around 275,000 reviews on the Play Store, claimed some reports.

But the number suddenly fell to around 176,000 and Google reportedly purged negative reviews. This brought the rating of the app back to roughly four stars. Google later confirmed that it deleted negative reviews and defended the move. The tech giant said that it removed negative reviews under the policy that restricts coordinated or inorganic reviews that are aimed at manipulating average star rating. Google said that it has a complete system in place that is aimed at detecting abuse of the review system. The system also keeps an eye on reviews that are inorganic and coordinated.

The search engine giant said that app developers are not allowed to remove reviews about them. “This is completely forbidden under policies of Play Store as this could influence ratings of apps.” Thousands of Robinhood users started giving negative reviews about the app. Even after the restrictions for the purchase of GameStop and other stocks were eased by the app, users didn’t stop giving one-star reviews. After Google purged several negative reviews, the rating of the app has bounced back to over stars. Robinhood app also has 4.7 ratings on the Apple store. However, it is not clear if the tech giant made any moderation for its reviews of this week.

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