Four People From Oregon Test Positive For COVID19 After Receiving Both Doses Of Vaccine

A new report has revealed that four people from Oregon have been diagnosed with COVID19 after receiving the first and second doses of the vaccine. Health officials have said that there are two cases each In Yamhill and Lane counties. They have said that these people have been identified with mild or asymptomatic infection. Health authorities have said that they are trying to find out the origin of these cases in association with local and federal public health partners. They have already started the genomic sequencing and the results are expected to come next week. The officials have termed these cases as breakthrough cases. They have said that these people have been diagnosed with the disease at least 14 days after receiving both doses of the vaccine. As per the health officials, more cases like these might pop up soon. The clinical trials of both vaccines, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, which are being used at present, have included the possibility of these breakthrough cases. Experts have said that though these people have been diagnosed with the virus, the vaccine has been able to reduce the severity of the disease. They have stated that being vaccinated with a COVID19 vaccine will prevent people from falling severely ill even if they contract the virus as per the early data from the clinical trials and data about vaccines for other ailments. Experts believe that vaccinating as many people as possible is the only way to end the pandemic.

The announcement of these breakthrough cases from the health agency has come after the officials have said that they have seen a decline in daily COVID19 cases over the past weeks. As per the latest report, there have been around 149576 cases in Oregon. Recently, health officials have thanked people for their effort to reduce the spread of the virus. Experts have reported another breakthrough case in North Carolina. The officials from the State Department of Health and Human Services have said that the person who has been diagnosed with COVID19 has been suffering from mild symptoms and has not been hospitalized. On the other hand, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that people who have been vaccinated with the first and second doses of the vaccines do not need to stay in quarantine within three months of their last doses until they do not show any symptoms. However, the CDC has said that they need to adhere to standard precautionary measures such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings and poorly ventilated spaces.

The officials from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have made it clear that fully vaccinated means that at least two weeks have gone by since a person has received his or her last dose of the vaccine. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has reported around 43 deaths due to COVID19 recently. They have said that this the highest number of deaths the state has seen since the first half of January 2021. On 12 January, the state has recorded 54 deaths in a single day. The overall death toll of the state during the pandemic has been around 2137. As per the news, Oregon has distributed around 669988 doses of the vaccine so far, which is more than three-quarters of the 885250 doses, which have been transported to the state to date. At present, there are 216 patients with COVID19 are being treated in the hospitals in the state, while 14 people have been admitted to the intensive care units.  Health officials have claimed that around 189000 people in the state have been vaccinated with the first and second doses of the vaccine, which is more than four percent of the estimated population of the state.

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