3200-Megapixel Camera

First Ever 3200-Megapixel Images Clicked In One Shot By SUV Sized Camera

Have you ever heard anyone capturing 3200-megapixel images? Yes, it has become possible just now. The US Department of Energy has claimed to click the first-ever 3200-megapixel photos. And that too in a single shot. The photos were captured at the department’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. With this, it becomes the largest photo in the world taken ever in just a single shot. The department said that photos were clicked during a test of the focal plane of a lens in camera assembling. The camera is about the size of an SUV. It said that the focal plane of the camera is 61 cms wide. It contains 189 sensors. Each can capture a photo of 16 megapixels.

The laboratory said that the resolution of the photos is too high. One can easily see a small ball from a distance of at least 15 miles. To display images in full size, it will require 378 4K ultra HD screens. According to the claim, imaging sensors installed in the camera can spot objects 100 million times dimmer than the naked eye. It added that when an image is clicked using the camera, a candle can be spotted easily from at least 1000 miles. The department will install the camera at Rubin Observatory. The astronomical observatory is currently under construction. It is located in Chile. The department said that the camera will be sent to Chile once it is successfully assembled.

The department said that panoramic images of the Southern sky will be produced using the new camera. The department aims to collect photos of about 20 billion galaxies over a period of 10 years. The data will be then feed into the Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time. The camera will also be used to conduct studies of the night sky in different hues. The camera is about the size of an SUV. It is expected to be fully ready by mid-2021. The final testing will be done before being sent to Chile.

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