Experts Say Shiny And Smooth Skin On A Certain Body Part Might Be The Symptom Of High Blood Sugar

The Charity Diabetes UK has revealed that people with type 2 diabetes can slowly develop the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Experts from the charity have said that symptoms of this condition surface slowly among the patients. They have said that people might not even notice in the first place when they will start having symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes happens when people start experiencing frequent urination during the night time when they are trying to sleep. People with type 2 diabetes start to lose weight drastically and feel thirsty frequently and tired more often. People, who are dealing with type 2 diabetes, might feel unusual bouts of thrush and genital itching. All these symptoms can also lead to blurred vision and wounds and cuts will take more time to heal. However, experts have said their body might be struggling with high blood sugar if they spot shiny and smooth skin on a certain body part.

Experts have revealed that in the case of lengthy periods of high blood sugar, which is known as Hyperglycemia as well, can lead to serious foot problems. They warned people saying that if they spot shiny and smooth skin on a certain body part, they should immediately consult their health care provider. Other symptoms of this condition are burning pain, numbness, and loss of feeling in the feet and legs. Experts from the Charity Diabetes UK have come out with a list of symptoms for people to see the signs of type 1 diabetes. A foul smell coming from a wound, blisters and cuts, which are visible but cannot be felt, hair loss on feet and legs, and swollen feet, are some visible signs of chronic diabetes.

High blood sugar levels can harm the nerve cells, which causes the numbness in the feet, said the experts. In severe cases, it can result in amputation of the feet, so people need to consult a health professional at the earliest possible if they see any of these signs. High levels of blood sugar hamper the blood circulation in the body as well, that is the reason, cut and wounds take a long time to heal. Such a condition also increases the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Experts claim that people with uncontrolled diabetes might be at a higher risk of kidney ailments as well.

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