Second Dose Of COVID19 Vaccine

Experts Claim The Side Effects After The Second Dose Of COVID19 Vaccine Can Be More Severe

The data has shown that more than 27.1 million people in the US have been vaccinated for COVID19 so far. Around 6.4 million people have been given the second dose of the vaccine as well. As per the report, like the majority of recommended vaccines, the two approved vaccines for COVID19, Pfizer-BioNtech, and Moderna as well have shown their fair share of expected side effects. Many people have said that they have been dealing with side effects such as fever, chills, fatigue, muscle ache, headaches, and soreness around the injection sites after they have received the first dose of the vaccine. However, experts have said that some people might suffer from more severe side effects after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. Health experts have said that side effects are indicators that the body is creating the immune response, which is required to protect people from a severe form of the disease. Nevertheless, these side effects tend to grab more attention after the second and final dose of the vaccine.

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Experts have said that the first dose of the vaccine triggers the immune system with instructions that train the cells to flush out harmful proteins, which are similar to those the SARS-CoV-2 virus uses to infect the body. In the meantime, special cells in the immune system identify such proteins as foreign invaders and send signs to other immune cells such as T-cells to battle them off. This process builds an army of antibodies, which are trained to track and eliminate proteins that help the virus to infect the body. The second dose of the vaccine as well repeats this method, which is a firm prompt of the threat of infection. The second dose of the vaccine as the threat of the infection makes the immune system fight harder to kill the virus and it solidifies maximum protection against the COVID19, which a single dose alone cannot provide. As people are vaccinated with the second dose of the vaccine, the immune system gets a little confused why it is happening after 21 to 28 days later. People who have been using V-safe, a smartphone-based tool that can be used to report side effects of a COVID19 vaccine to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have said that they have been going through stronger side effects within a week of receiving the second dose of the vaccine as compared to the first shot of the vaccine.

Experts from the CDC have said that the incidents of muscle aches have increased from 17 percent to 42 percent after the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine. While cases of fatigue have grown from 29 percent to 50 percent after the second shots of the Pfizer vaccine. Other side effects of the vaccine such as pain, headaches, chills, fever, swelling, joint pain, and nausea as well have seen a major spike after the second shots of the vaccine. The White House coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci as well has said that the second jab of the vaccine has knocked him down for 24 hours. However, health experts have said that these side effects are normal. It shows that the immune system is working a lot harder the second time. These post-vaccination reactions are severe, but they will go away in a few days, said the experts. These reactions confirm that the body is reacting to the vaccine. On the other hand, experts have said that some people will not experience these side effects but it does not mean that the body is not responding to the vaccine. They have said that every immune system reacts differently, therefore without experiencing any side effects, the immune systems of such people will work just as hard.

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