Experts Claim Quitting Smoke App Works Better Among People By Recognizing Their Trigger Points

A new study has found that quitting smoke smartphone app can increase the odds of success among people who are trying to quit smoking. As per the reports, this app identifies and accepts the cravings of people rather than avoiding them. The lead author of the study Jonathan Bricker has said that when people try to avoid what they want, it ironically attracts them to do more of what they are avoiding. The reverse approach of the app might be beneficial for people who have decided to quit smoking, as per the study. This approach to behavioral change might work on more than one out of 10 Americans who smoke. This study has been published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Experts have said that the only drawback of this tech-driven method is that people who are trying to quit smoking need to have a smartphone and working phone line. Experts have said that primary healthcare providers should recognize this tech-driven approach so they can prescribe it to their patients who want to quit smoking. However, experts say that it should be used as an add-on to medical care, not as a substitute. Scientists have also compared the data of people who are using two different apps to quit smoking in a random clinical trial. They have found that people who have used an app that makes people accept their cravings than avoid is 50 percent more effective than the rest of the apps. Earlier a study had reported a significantly low rate of tobacco smoking in the US. Nevertheless, around 34 million Americans are still indulged in smoking.

Around 2415 adult smokers have been enrolled in the new study. All the participants have been divided into two groups. The participants from group one have used iCanQuit, a smartphone app developed on acceptance commitment therapy. It makes people quit smoking by appealing to their values and accepting smoking triggers. In group two, people have used QuitGuide, which makes people avoid smoking triggers, which attracts them towards cigarettes. Experts have found that people who have used the iCanQuit app have 1.49 times higher odds of quitting smoking as compared to those who have used the QuitGuide app. The team of experts has said that if 100000 people start to use the iCanQuit app, around 28000 of them will be able to quit smoking successfully. The author of the study has said that an acceptance-based plan can make people quit smoking for a long time.

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