Novavax Vaccine Might Not Be Effective

Experts Claim Novavax Vaccine Might Not Be Effective Against New Strain Found In South Africa

Novavax’s COVID19 vaccine, which has been under development for a long time, is finally on the verge of being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Experts who have been involved in the development of the vaccine have said that the vaccine has been proved to be 89 percent effective at preventing COVID19. An interim analysis of a large-scale study has been conducted in the UK. These findings have come from a clinical trial, which includes 15000 volunteers. In this trial, more than a quarter of volunteers have been older than 65 years. Experts from the company have said that they have observed 62 cases of COVID19 in the study. Nearly fifty-six cases of COVID19 have occurred in people who have been in the placebo group. Only six people who have received the vaccine have been diagnosed with the disease. The Novavax vaccine is a type of protein subunit vaccine, which is a different type of vaccine technology. It is used in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as well, which are being rolled out in the US. The Novavax vaccine includes two doses, which are given in a gap of 21 days. However, scientists have said this vaccine might not be equally effective against the new variant, which has been found in South Africa and the UK.

Experts have said that the Novavax vaccine will be 96 percent effective against the original strain of the virus. In a small study in South Africa, the new vaccine has been 49 percent effective in preventing the COVID disease. Experts have said that the new variant, which has been identified in South Africa, has been responsible for the majority of COVID19 cases in the country. The immune system can identify the coronavirus and eliminate it with the help of antibodies after the vaccination or past infection. However, as the virus keeps mutating, it changes the way it looks to these neutralizing antibodies. It makes it harder for the immune system to recognize the virus and destroy it.

A combination of mutations in the variant, which has been first seen in South Africa, has changed the surface of the virus, which antibodies use to bind. The company Novavax has conducted a study in South Africa, which has shown that people who have developed antibodies from a part infection with the original variant do not have immunity against reinfection with the new variant of the virus. On the other hand, health experts have been worrying about the new strain of the virus, which has been found in Brazil. This variant is called P.1. This variant has been identified in December in Manaus, Brazil. Experts have said that this variant has a deadly set of mutation which has explosively spread in Brazil. The new strain found in the UK has taken almost three months to dominate the outbreaks in England. While the P.1 variant has taken just a month to become dominant in Brazil.

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