Experts Believe An Effective Dengue Vaccine Might Pose Some Immunity Against COVID19 Infection

A new study has revealed that the mosquito-borne disease dengue might have immunity against COVID19 infection. Scientists from Duke University have been able to establish a link between people having antibodies for dengue fever COVID19 infection, mortality, and growth rate while observing the factors responsible for the spread of COVID19 cases in Brazil. Brazil has seen a reduced rate of COVID19 cases despite a large proportion of the population has contracted the virus. Community transmission has also taken a long time to occur in Brazil. Miguel Nicolelis, the lead author of the study has said that people with dengue antibodies have shown false positive for COVID19 tests while they have never been infected with the virus. The authors of the study assume that a dengue vaccine might offer some immunity against COVID19 infection until a coronavirus vaccine is introduced.

The same kind of link has been found in the countries across Asia, Latin America, and the Islands in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The study indicates an immunological interface between the two viruses, which belong to two different families. It is quite an unexpected turn of events in an ongoing study of the virus. Brazil has been in the third position worldwide for the highest number of COVID19 cases. There are around 4.6 million COVID19 cases in Brazil. However, experts have revealed that there is a discrepancy in total cases of coronavirus in some areas of Brazil.

In states like Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Grosso du Sul, and Minas Gerias have witnessed a dengue outbreak last year and early this year. Experts have said these areas have shown a much slower growth of COVID19 cases. Most of the people living in these areas have developed antibodies against dengue fever, which has prevented them from COVID19 infection. This study has been published in the MedRxiv Preprint server ahead of the peer review. The findings of the study will be submitted to a scientific journal as well. The team of scientists has come across this breakthrough while comparing the transmission of COVID19 in Brazil with the spread of dengue.

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