Elon Musk’s SpaceX Announces World’s First All-Civilian Mission To Space This Year

Elon Musk is a space enthusiast. He wants to send humans to Mars and make space tourism a reality. His company SpaceX is working in accomplishing this feat. SpaceX has now made a leap in taking Musk’s dream ahead. The company has announced an all civilian mission to space. It will be the world’s first mission that will take civilians deep into space. If all goes well, the world will see SpaceX sending humans to the space by end of 2021. According to SpaceX, it will in a charity-driven mission. It is named Inspiration4. It is commanded by America’s tech entrepreneur and pilot Jared Isaacman. Jared is just 37. He is well known for founding Shift4 Payments.

SpaceX said that it wants to send three people deep into space. The three selected civilians will ride alongside Jared. They will orbit the planet aboard the Crew Dragon capsule. The aerospace manufacturer said that it will be a multi-day trip. The capsule will enter the Earth’s atmosphere to make a soft water landing. The landing will take place off the Florida coast. Jared said that the mission will take scientists a step forward in the field of space science. NASA is already working on a mission to send astronauts deep into space for exploration. It also wants to send humans to Mars to conduct experiments.

Musk said that once the mission is completed, it will mark an important milestone. It will open the gate for everyone to access space. Musk also wants to send humans to Mars. According to Musk’s past comments, he wants to set up a city on Mars and send 1 million people to Mars. He has set 2050 as the deadline to make this possible. He hopes that SpaceX will build a fleet of 1,000 Starship rockets. Three Starship systems carrying humans will be launched every day. Earlier in 2018, Musk had announced that Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa will ride on Starship around the moon. The Starship system is still under development. It is a fully reusable vehicle.

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