Increases Death Risk In COVID 19 Patients

Drug Combination Acclaimed By Donald Trump Increases Death Risk In COVID 19 Patients

A study has confirmed that the treatment combo commended by US President Donald Trump has increased the risk of death in COVID 19 patients by 27 percent. The president has praised the drug combination and called it as ‘extremely successful’ in the past. Dr. Anthony Fauci has disregarded hydroxychloroquine as a potential COVID 19 treatment. Trump has overlooked the health officials’ version and continued to defend its use. The president has defended the drug saying that many doctors think it is extremely successful when it is combined with zinc and azithromycin. However, researchers have said that their Meta-analysis of 33600 patients will put an end to questions regarding the efficacy of the drug.

The research says that a great number of studies have evaluated the competence of the drug alone and in combination as well. They have said that it is unlikely that any efficiency will come out at this stage now. As per the researches, there is no need to evaluate these molecules anymore. The new study has been published in The Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infection. Scientists have observed the data of 11932 COVID 19 patients who have been treated by hydroxychloroquine. They have also looked sat the data of 8081 patients who have been treated with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. They have analyzed a control group of 12 930 patients as well. Despite many claims by world leaders, scientists say that hydroxychloroquine alone is not an effective drug for the treatment of coronavirus. They have also confirmed that in combination, it increases the mortality rate by 27 percent.

Earlier, many studies have shown that both the drugs in combination increase the risk of a heart attack in patients. French researchers too have negated the efficacy of the drug combination. They have claimed that such a combination can lead to acute cardiovascular cases as well. Hydroxychloroquine has been among the initial drugs, which has been tried by the WHO to treat COVID 19. The drug has been lauded as a potential tool in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic. It is an anti-malarial drug, which is being promoted by the Brazilian president as well.

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