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Audio Chat App Clubhouse Releases Direct Payment Feature For Content Creators

Clubhouse, which has gained immense popularity recently, has been promoting a creator-first strategy. Continuing to work towards it, the audio chat app company has now launched a direct monetization option for creators on the platform. This feature will allow all users to send payments to people who open and moderate rooms on the platform. However, not every creator on the platform will be able to get money immediately. This is because the feature to receive money has been launched for a small test group. The social audio app said that it would be rolled to all the customers in the second stage.

“All users on the platform will be able to send the money. But the ability to receive money will be rolled out in phased manner. It will start with a small test group initially. We hope to collect feedback and fine-tune it further on that basis. After that, the feature will be rolled out to everyone soon,” Clubhouse announced. Clubhouse influencer Josh Constine said that it is an essential feature but unfortunately most of the platforms have largely ignored it. Constine who has over 3.6 million followers on Clubhouse said this feature will allow social platforms to grow.

The social media platform said that its users can send money to creators by simply tapping a ‘Send Money’ option. Clubhouse noted that it will not receive any payment from it but mentioned that a small card processing fee will be charged by it partner. Clubhouse, a San Francisco-based company, has partnered with Stripe for this feature. The app allows users to join chat rooms and discuss a range of topics. Newcomers who want to join the chat room need to be invited by an existing user. The audio chat app hogged the limelight after a surprise discussion was held between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Robinhood Chief Executive Officer Vlad Tenev on the platform.

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