Apple to release dreaded privacy notifications in spring

Apple to release dreaded privacy notifications in spring

After offering considerable courtesy time to developers, Apple will begin showing controversial privacy notifications in early spring. With this measure, it will require that the applications or websites request the user’s permission to be able to track their activities.

This new privacy method will need to be configured when entering each application for the first time. The notice will appear through a pop-up window with two options to accept or reject the follow-up. This type of notifications and notifications will not only appear in applications downloaded from the App Store, but it will also be extensible to the Safari web browser.

Activity tracking techniques allow multiple companies to design biased and personalized advertising taking advantage of the knowledge of our activity on the internet. Thanks to this, an advertiser can make a more accurate investment by directly targeting their target audience. This translates into more effective results.

Apple’s move will have an impact on many companies

Advertising experts believe that this warning, coupled with the possibility of denying tracking, could be very damaging to business. This will cause many users to reject the request to access the monitoring of their activity, as collected by Reuters.

Facebook is one of the large companies that showed their rejection of this new Apple measure, arguing that, presumably, its economic activity could be affected, as well as that of thousands of businesses that use Facebook to make themselves known. Finally, the company gave in to the new regulations in order to continue offering its products on the devices of Californians.

Users are increasingly jealous of their privacy. In fact, many people are stopping using certain services with a high volume of data collection. One of those that are suffering the most from the awakening of this desire is WhatsApp – owned by Facebook. Users are showing great rejection of the stance of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg by stating that they will share data between their platforms. This has caused thousands of people to start exploring other more respectable privacy alternatives, such as Signal.

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