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Apple Develops Unique Face Mask For Its Corporate And Retail Staff

Tech giant Apple has developed face masks. The company will distribute these masks to among its corporate and retail staff. This comes amid the coronavirus outbreak. The mask will prevent its staff from being exposed to the deadly virus. The face mask is created in-house by Apple. The company had previously made a different face cover. It was distributed among health workers. The new face mask will be handed to Apple’s staff only. According to the company, the face mask has been developed by its engineering and industrial design groups. The two teams are known for working on Apple’s much-loved products iPhone and iPad.

The mask features a unique look. It matches Apple’s design trend. It is made up of three layers. It filters particles while one inhale and exhale. The mask can be used multiple times. Apple said that it can be washed and used five times for better results. It has a large covering on the top and bottom. It completely covers the nose and mouth. The company has used adjustable strings in the mask. This makes it fit around the ears comfortably. Apple said that it tested to find the right material before starting the production of the mask for its staff. The material filters air properly.

The Cupertino based company said that it designed the mask using personal protective equipment supply chains. Apple said that it will send the newly developed mask to its staff in the next few weeks. Besides mask, Apple is also planning to launch a surgical mask. The surgical mask will be fully transparent. This too will be provided to its staff only. Before developing the mask, Apple was providing standard cloth masks to its employees. The company still offers basic surgical masks to people visiting its retail centers in the US. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Apple has made a significant contribution to bolstering the fight against the virus. It produced face masks and shields for health workers.

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