Apple Blocks Facebook From Sharing Information About 30 Percent In-App Purchases

Social media giant Facebook has alleged that it is unable to share some specific information with its users on iOS. According to Facebook, Apple has deliberately blocked it from sharing information with its users. According to Apple’s version, Facebook was violating an App Store rule and therefore it has to block it. Facebook was informing users that the iPhone maker will collect 30 percent of in-app purchases made through a planned new feature. The Cupertino based tech company said that Facebook was sharing irrelevant information to users. This, the company said, is a violation of a rule that prevents developers from showing information that is of no use to users.

The feature in the question allows a Facebook user to purchase tickets for online shows directly through the app. According to Apple rules, for purchasing such digital content, it has to be done through the App Store’s payments system. When purchases are done through Apple’s payments system, the company gets 30 percent of the total money spent. Facebook said that it had asked Apple to waive fees. The social media company said that waiving fee will ensure that all revenue goes to the event organizers directly. Apple, however, refused to entertain Facebook’s request. This is where Facebook and Apple are engaged in contention.

Even though Apple has declined Facebook’s request, the feature is still available to the users. The feature is available without the message about Apple’s 30 percent cut. Facebook had earlier this month informed its users about this 30 percent tax levied by Apple. The company even released an image wherein it showed what the message will look like in the app while processing for the same. Facebook in a statement said that there should be an option available to make people understand where the money they spent actually goes. It said that this should ensure transparency but Apple has turned down its notice. The company said that its executives are still working to make that information available inside the app.

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