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Apple Aks Suppliers To Manufacturers At Least 75 Million Units Of 5G iPhones For Later This Year

Tech giant Apple is planning to ramp up the production of 5G iPhones. The company has asked for at least 75 million units of 5G iPhones from its suppliers. The demand from the Cupertino based iPhone maker comes amid a signal of rising demand for the product. The company aims to ship the entire unit in the remaining period of 2020. The company has acknowledged that iPhone demand has gone up during the pandemic and recession periods. iPhone is Apple’s most popularly sought gadget in the world. The iPhone maker expects that iPhone demands will touch 80 million marks in this year. Apple has been working for years to venture into the 5G market.

It is a common phenomenon for Apple to increase the productions of the iPhone ahead of its yearly event. Apple holds a special event in September every year. The company unveils several products including the iPhone. Apple’s latest demand for 75 million 5G handsets assumes significance that the company in 2019 summer iPhone manufacturers were reported to preparing to make components for as many as 75 million units of the next-generation iPhone series. The company had given a similar target to its suppliers in 2018. This year’s call for 75 million units of 5G iPhone is on expected lines. The company is confident in shipping all units.

Apple is planning to launch four models of the next-generation iPhone in September. The new models that will hit the shelves soon are iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All the models will be 5G compatible. Among other products that Apple plans to launch include an iPad Air, two models of Apple Watch, and a smaller HomePod. The iPhone models will have different design and wider screen sizes. The company is expected to ship the lower-end handsets sooner than the Pro ones. A new Apple TV is likely to be unveiled by the company. The TV will come with a faster processor with an upgraded remote control. It will improve the gaming experience.

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