Amid Record Unemployment And Layoffs, Amazon Plans To Hire 33,000 People

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in thousands of job losses across the globe and the United States is among the worst affected. At the time when it is witnessing record unemployment and record layoffs, Amazon has announced that it will hire 33,000 corporate. The online retail giant is all set for an annual hiring event that is going virtual this year. The company will hold its 2020 Career Day on September 16 and the virtual event will be open for everyone across the United States. Apart from this, the company is looking for thousands of hourly roles in its operations network.

According to a spokesperson of the company, these jobs will be scattered across the country and not just in major cities. Those hired for technology-related work will support the cloud computing of Amazon, Prime Video, Alexa, and others. The hiring of people in such a large number is not new for the company as Amazon has been on hiring sprees ever since the pandemic struck. It has already hired 36,400 people in the three months ended June 30. This brings the number of its employees to 876,800, an increase of 34 per cent year over year. This number is expected to touch the mark of 1 million once the company permanently hires some of the temporary employees. The retail giant is also planning to add around 3,500 jobs in some US cities.

Amazon is the second-largest employer in the United States with Walmart being in number one position. However, it is the biggest employers in the tech industry. The company is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the global pandemic as more and more shoppers are opting for online shopping. They prefer buying things of necessities like hand sanitizer and face masks, as well as groceries. Overwhelmed with the number of online orders, Amazon hired 175,000 new people to help pick and pack products in its warehouses. Amazon saw 17,000 people attending its Career Day events in 2019, held at six cities of the United States. Registration for this year’s event has now started.

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