Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Qantas Airways, Others Offer Flight To Nowhere

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live and forced them to get accustomed to the new routine. However, there are people who miss their pre coronavirus schedule and are eagerly waiting to get that back. There are several people who are desperate to get back to the skies. This is why some airlines have started flights to nowhere. These flights offer sightseeing and all the thrill of air travel without actually taking you to any destination. Australian carrier Qantas Airways is offering the Great Southern Land Scenic flight that will take off from Sydney and will land at the same place.

The specially designed joy flight on board 787 Dreamliner is for those who just want to fly. The best part is that no passport is required and no one will be quarantined after the flight. The flight has been scheduled for October 10 and will let flyers to see some of the most iconic landmarks like Kata Tjutu, Uluru, the Whitsundays, Bryon Bay, Gold Coast and Sydney Harbour. The flight will fly at a low-level to offer a clear view of these iconic locations. People are so desperate to go out that the scheduled Qantas flight with 134 tickets reportedly sold out in 10 minutes. The price range for tickets depending on the class was from USD 566 to USD 2,734.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said that this was probably the fastest selling flight in the history of the airline. Joyce said that this is proof that people clearly miss travel and flying experience. “If the demand continues, we will definitely think about starting more of these scenic flights till the time we all wait for borders to open,” Joyce added. The important thing about the flight is that there will be no in-flight movies. The airline is encouraging passengers to bring their own entertainment players. But a lot more has been planned. According to the airline, there will a charity auction. Original and limited Qantas 747 memorabilia will be auction live along with a fancy lunch aboard, a celebrity host, and entertainment.

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