All-Electric Version Of Ford Motor’s F-150 Pickup Truck To Roll Out In Mid 2022

Ford Motor had announced that the all-electric version of its F-150 pickup truck is expected to roll out in mid 2022. The automaker has already started the production of its first-ever version of F-150 trucks and the first image of the same was released earlier this week. The image of the much awaited truck was released during the groundbreaking ceremony of the unit where these trucks will be built. The production is underway at Ford’s Michigan facility and the vehicles are expected to go on sale in November 2022. The teaser photo was just in two basic shades and only demonstrates the front of the truck. The truck will be based on the same platform as used in the F-150 lineup. The image clearly shows that the truck would have a full-width lightbar on the grille. The grille is mainly a decorative in electric vehicles as they do not require any radiators for cooling.

These end-to-end lighting feature has become a theme among almost all the pickup trucks coming to the market. Similar styling is available in some of the coming models of Tesla, Rivan, and Hummer that are expected to go on sale next year. They will hit the road much before Ford’s F-150. Sharing some details about the upcoming electric vehicle, the company said that the truck will have a large trunk under the hood as there will be no engine. The company has not released any figure but said that the electric truck will boast the torque and horsepower of any F-150.

Meanwhile, Ford is building a new factory at the Rouge Complex with the plans to invest USD 700 million. The Rouge Complex factory will manufacture electric F-150 trucks and add 300 new jobs. Ford CEO Jim Farley said that the fully electric vehicle will be a seriously capable and purpose-built tool for customers. Farley said that F-Series pickups are the backbone of work and productivity.

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