Alexandra Ford English Becomes First Female Member Of Ford Family To Join As Board Of Directors

Alexandra Ford English Becomes First Female Member Of Ford Family To Join As Board Of Directors

Almost after 118 years, Ford’s board of directors is set to have a female member of the family. Alexandra Ford English will be the first female member of the board which has so far been dominated by the men of the Ford family. 33-year-old Ford English is the daughter of the company’s executive chairman William Clay Ford Jr. She will be accompanied by Henry Ford III. He is the son of Edsel Ford II, current director of the company. Edsel Ford is retiring from the position soon. Henry Ford III and Ford English are cousins and will be the first great-great-grandchildren Henry Ford to join the board members. Henry Ford was the founder of the company.

Before being officially part of the board members, they need to be elected by shareholders. However, this is just going to be a formality as most of the stock voting shares are controlled by the family since they went public in the year 1956. A family member has been at one of the top positions of the company like CEO, chairman, or president for all but around 20 years ever since the company was founded. For the past 118 years, there have always been at least one and usually two men of the Ford family on the board of the company.

So far women of the Ford family have served only as of the executives at the company. However, women from outside the family have been elected to the board and currently, there are three. Bill Ford said that is a proud moment for the Ford family as new generation leaders are ready to serve the company. “The new generation of our family believes in serving the company. They want to makes sure that Ford remains a successful and positive force in the world,” Bill said. English Ford joined the company around 4 years ago and has been actively involved in the company’s agenda of shifting towards making electric and autonomous vehicles. She is working as a director of the corporate strategy at the company.

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