Data Breach

After Facebook, LinkedIn Confirms Massive Data Breach; Personal Details Of 500 Million Users Compromised

Days after the Facebook data breach, there are reports about another massive data leak involving LinkedIn. The job-hunting site has reportedly confirmed the huge leak. The data leak involves information of over 500 million users. According to reports, the data is available on the dark web. All the personal details of users have been leaked and reportedly available for sale. Information like LinkedIn ID, full names of users, phone numbers, email addresses, links to other social media profiles, and other work-related information have been leaked. LinkedIn suffered a data breach previously as well.

LinkedIn has accepted the data breach and said that details are of the profiles that are publically viewable and whose data has been scrapped from the site. “LinkedIn users provide their information as they have trust in LinkedIn, and we take all measures to protect the trust. We have thoroughly investigated the matter and found that data of alleged LinkedIn users that are available for sale is actually aggregated from different websites and companies. The information does include data of publically viewable member profile data. But it appears that all such data have been scrapped. No data of private members account from the site was part of the information available online for sale,” the company owned by Microsoft said.

LinkedIn assured users that it takes all steps to stop anyone who tries to take data of members for which they have not agreed upon. “We hold such people accountable,” the company added. An investigation has been launched by the Italian privacy watchdog into the matter. The authorities said that investigation will try to find out exact information about what all data have been breached. The investigation is important as data can be used for phishing attacks. Users should change their passwords immediately for better protection. Moreover, they should also change the password of the email address associated with their profile.

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