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737 Max Planes Grounded As Boeing Needs To Inspect Hundreds Of Jets Over Electrical Issues

Boeing has announced that it needs to inspect hundreds of jets over an issue with the electrical system. Because of this fault, the company has recommended over dozen of its customers to ground their planes. “We have recommended to around 16 customers that the issue in a specific group of 737 Max planes needs to be addressed before they are made operational,” Boeing said that it is working along with the US Federal Aviation Administration to resolve the issue. This is the second major issue faced by the planes. Earlier, all of them were grounded for around 20 months worldwide following back-to-back fatal crashes. The planes were grounded from March 2019 through November 2020.

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the fixes the company made to ensure the safety of the system that was blamed for crashes. But there are several countries that have yet not cleared the plane for flying again. China is one of the countries. The ground of 737 Max cost Boeing more than USD 20 billion. This was at a time when the civil aviation industry was already going through one of the toughest phases in its history because of the coronavirus pandemic. All airlines and related industries were in a loss as the pandemic induced lockdown restricted air travel around the globe.

Meanwhile, Boeing has not named the airlines that are affected by the issue. It has also not mentioned the number of jets affected by it. Experts believe that the issue is with the backup to the main power system. The system is almost similar to the circuit breaker panel that we usually see in houses. But the fact that planes have been grounded suggests that the issue could be catastrophic. At the same time, experts say that it is good that the potential threat was discovered before any untoward incident took place. 737 Max planes are in demand because they are fuel-efficient and require very low maintenance. These planes are far better than the earlier versions of the 737.

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