t-mobile faces nation-wide service outage

T-Mobile Faces Nation-Wide Service Outage


American Cellular Carrier T-Mobile faced Nation-Wide outage yesterday when the cellular services of the operator failed. The users of the T-Mobile SIM card were not able to make or receive phone calls from the network. The issue persisted for a long time all over the United States of American and millions of customers faced the downtime. Even though the calling and SMS functionality was not working for a long time, the cellular internet worked just fine. The outage started on 6 PM ET and lasted for nearly five hours.

When the downtime started, many of the T-Mobile customers used Social Media platforms, mostly Twitter to complain and express their opinions. As millions of customers were facing issues with sending and receiving messages, Twitter flooded with tweets to T-Mobile. When asked for an explanation, T-Mobile Support handle on Twitter said that the Network Engineers are working to resolve the issue. After two hours since the outage started, chief executive officer of T-Mobile John Legere shared the information about the outage. He said that the engineering team has started to see the signs of recovery with the outage. After two hours, the outage resolves and the Calling and SMS service started functioning in most of the parts. Although it took another hour to completely reset the services.

On 10.34PM ET, T-Mobile chief technology officer Neville Ray confirmed that the issue is resolved. He did not share any information about the issue in his tweets. After Verizon and AT&T, T-Mobile is the third-largest cellular carrier in the United States. Being the third biggest network operator, millions of people faced downtime for approximately five hours. T-Mobile is now on the way to become the biggest carrier as its proposed merger with Sprint Mobile is approved by the Federal Communications Commission.