New Year Starts With Laws On Guns, Data Privacy And Electric Vehicles

New Year Starts With Laws On Guns, Data Privacy And Electric Vehicles


The government is planning to collect more amount of revenues from companies in the form of taxes. There are many new laws which have brought up this new year which will give a tremendous amount of tax revenue to government. The first rule which is making many companies worried is a tax on electric cars. Since the traditional way of cars getting manufactured is obsolete, it’s getting harder for states to charge tax on such companies.

Now to compensate that they have decided to charge electric car making companies. State law in Alabama and Ohio will give them authority to charge $200 per car, Kansas and Hawaii on the other hand, will charge $100 and $50 respectively. California became the first state to consider data privacy of users most essential, and they brought a law about it too. New state law will give users tight and access on what type of data they want to share with companies.

Data privacy issues are getting quite dangerous after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data scandal. This new law prohibits companies from using and selling data if people without their prior consent. Also, companies will not be able to collect data from their children who are aged below sixteen. Another new law which had come into the notice is Colorado’s ref flag law which will give people an option to seize the gun from those who might seem to be a threat. Since gun violence has increased tremendously, the state has decided to bring such diseases. Legalising marijuana has also become the topic discussion, and Illinois became the first state to legalize it. Such laws might be shocking for some people, but the government has taken hard yet effective decisions like these.

Matthew Pedersen