justice department has launched antitrust review on bug tech companies

Justice Department Has Launched Antitrust Review On Bug Tech Companies


The US Justice Department said that it’s launching an antitrust review of big tech companies. Recently the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division announced that it’s going to scrutinize big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. This move of the Justice Department has come after the tech companies have found to be not following some required rules and regulations. Antitrust Division said that it’s going to review how big tech companies have achieved the market power and their way of doing business also. The review will include seeing companies operations like how do they do it and whether they use their dominant position to reduce competition.

Tech companies like Facebook and Google recently got fined by the FTC for violating rules. The department said that they are going to search for everything about these tech companies. This review is going to have significant concerns which consumers, businesses and retailers have about search engine, social media and some online services. Antitrust Division didn’t give the name of companies, but from their explanation, it’s clear which companies are going to get scrutinized. The head of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division said that some tech companies might be acting in such ways which are not suitable for consumers.

There were many speculations that big tech companies are surely going to get scrutinized, and that’s what happened. Amazon, Google and Facebook are those tech companies which were watched by lawmakers. In a recent corporate reputations poll, Google’s reputation went down by 13 spots. Another big company which saw the similar result was Facebook who fell more than 43 spots. Amazon had been accused of using its dominant position to shut down its competitors. There were reports which show that Amazon was promoting its products by cutting online retailers smartly. Same goes for Facebook and Google, who had been in the news for breaching data privacy rules.