boeing training astronaut for manned missions to the international space station

Boeing Training Astronaut for Manned Missions to the International Space Station


Boeing is working on Starliner Spacecraft for manned missions to Space. The company is currently training some of the veteran U.S. Astronauts and Aviators in Houston. Boeing is expected to take these astronauts to the manned mission and visit the International Space Station. NASA currently has no spacecraft or rocket to send cargo and humans to the international space station. To reduce the dependence on Russian Soyuz spacecraft, the national space agency has assigned Boeing with its Starliner Spacecraft. Even though SpaceX has completed the test of Crew Dragon successfully, Boeing is far behind the competition.

Boeing was supposed to be the first one to complete the testing of Starliner Spacecraft. But due to the technical issues, the test was postponed until the end of this year or in 2020. Currently, Boeing is working on to fix the technical issues and design Starliner spacecraft according to the standards set by NASA. SpaceX has already completed the testing and is ready to start manned flights to the International Space Station. But the missions won’t start till the end of this year or 2020, so Boeing still has the time. Boeing and SpaceX are in the race of becoming the first Private company to launch manned spacecraft in the space.

Houston’s Johnson Space Center is accommodating Veteran U.S. Astronauts and the aviators which are here for the training. NASA and Boeing are training these veteran astronauts like Nicole Mann, Mike Fincke and Christopher Ferguson. These three astronauts will head to the International Space Station with Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft whenever the Spacecraft is tested and ready for flight. The training of these astronauts include the simulations inside the water tank to simulate the weightless environment and practising docking manoeuvres inside the simulator machine.