49ers suspend radio analyst Tim Ryan for Lamar Jackson's comments.

49ers suspend radio analyst Tim Ryan for Lamar Jackson’s comments.


On Wednesday, the San Francisco 49ers suspended radio analyst Tim Ryan after he stated on a Bay Area radio station that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s dark skin helps him to masquerade a dull football when running mesh handoffs in the zone-read heavy offense of Baltimore. Ryan will not broadcast the Sunday’s match against the New Orleans Saints while following the suspense. The Niners disclosed a statement on the matter of Wednesday evening from Florida, where they are practicing at IMG Academy in the concoction to play at the Saints after losing 20-17 to the Ravens in the previous week. The statement stated that they were sad in Tim Ryan’s comments earlier this week, and have suspended Tim for the upcoming match. They hold Tim to a high standard as a representative of the organization, and he should have been thoughtful with his words.

Tim has evolved regret in a public statement and has also made his confession with the team privately. Tim Ryan made the comments early in an interview on the Murph and Mac, which is a show on KNBR radio in San Francisco on Monday morning while discussing Jackson’s success for running the ball against the Niners. KNBR is the radio partner of the Niners, and it broadcasts all of the matches of Niners. Tim Ryan stated that he is good at that fake, Lamar Jackson, but when his dark skin color is considered with a dull football and a dark uniform, the thing can’t be seen. He meant to say that he could not saw when Jackson was in and out of the plexus point.

On Wednesday, Ryan also stated apologizing for his words. Tim said that he regrets his choice of words in trying to describe the situation of the game. He also added that Lamar Jackson is an MVP-caliber player and he respects Jackson much. Tim sincerely wanted to apologize to Jackson and anyone else he offended. According to the team’s release, representatives from the Niners reached out to the Ravens, and described the incident, apologized for Tim’s words. The 49ers have yet to ordain who will replace Ryan on Sunday’s broadcast from New Orleans.

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